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Raabe Wilhelm

Raabe Wilhelm(18311910)

German novelist, whose pseudonym was Jakob Corvinus. At 23 he began to write novels and tales of village life; the charming idyll Die Chronik der Sperlingsgasse (1857) first brought him acclaim. Raabes humor often serves to cover a more bitter irony. He later turned to the historical past and wrote such tales as the tragic Des Reiches Krone [the imperial crown] (1870). His novels include Der Hungerpastor (1864, tr. 1885) and Abu Telfan (1867; tr. Abu Telfans Return from the Mountains of the Moon, 1881).

DDR, 1981, Wilhelm Raabe

German Federal Republic, 1981, Wilhelm Raabe

German Federal Republic, 1960.11.10, Braunschweig. Wilhelm Raabe

German Federal Republic, 1981.08.13, Bonn. Wilhelm Raabe


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