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Kirienko-Voloshin (Кириенко-Волошин) Maximilian Alexandrovich

Kirienko-Voloshin (Кириенко-Волошин) Maximilian Alexandrovich(1877—1932)

Maximilian Voloshin was one of the significant representatives of the Symbolist movement in Russian culture and literature. He became famous as a poet and a critic of literature and the arts, being published in many contemporary magazines of the early 20th century, including "Vesy" ('Libra'), "Zolotoye runo" ('The Golden Fleece') and "Apollon". He... More...

Ukraine, 2007.05.28, Koktebel. Maximilian Voloshin

Ukraine, 2002, Maksimilian Voloshin

USSR, 1980, Voloshin's house in Planerskoe

Russia, 2002, 125th Birth Anniversary of Voloshin

USSR, 1988.02.15, Voloshin's museum in Planernoye

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