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Cheremshyna (Черемшина) Marko

Cheremshyna (Черемшина) Marko (1874—1927)

Marko Cheremshyna, whose real name was Ivan Semaniuk, was a lawyer by profession, but became famous as a short story writer. Cheremshyna earned a law degree from the University of Vienna in 1906 and maintained a law practice in Sniatyn. He started writing short stories around 1896 and published them in newspapers and journals. Because of his... More...

USSR, 1974.06.13, Ivano-Frankovsk. Birth centenary of Cheremshina

Ukraine, 1999, Marko Cheremshyna

USSR, 1973, Marko Cheremshina

USSR, 1974, Cheremshina's museum in Snyatin

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