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Dumas Alexandre

Dumas Alexandre (18021870)

French novelist and dramatist. His father (an illegitimate son of the marquis de la Pailleterie and a black woman, Louise Cosette Dumas), was a general in the Revolution. Dumas delighted many generations of readers with his highly romantic novels immortalizing the adventures of the Three Musketeers and the Count of Monte Cristo. Largely... More...

Belgium, 1981, D'Artagnan and Woltj (puppets)

France, 1970, Alexandre Dumas

France, 1997, D'Artagnan

France, 2002, Alexandre Dumas

France, 2003, Edmond Dantes

Georgia, 2002, Alexandre Dumas

Great Britain, 2011, Blood Brothers

Haiti, 1935, Three Dumas

Haiti, 1935, Three Dumas

Haiti, 1935, Three Dumas

Haiti, 1961, Dumas Pere and Musketeer

Haiti, 1961, Alexandre Dumas (father and son)

Haiti, 1961, Dumas Pere and Musketeers

Haiti, 1961, Dumas Pere and The Count of Monte Cristo

Mauritius, 2008, Alexandre Dumas

Moldova, 2002, Alexandre Dumas

Monaco, 1970, Alexandre Dumas, Musketeers

Monaco, 2002, Alexandre Dumas

Monaco, 2002, Scenes from books

Mozambique, 2012, Works of Alexandre Dumas

Mozambique, 2012, Alexandre Dumas, Edmond Dantes

Rumania, 2002, Alexandre Dumas

USA, 1984, Fairbanks as d'Artagnan

France, Paris, post office on rue Alexandre Dumas

France, 1970.04.11, Villers-Cotterets. Alexandre Dumas

France, 1995/2000, Auch. D'Artagnan

France, 1997.10.25, Paris. D'Artagnan

France, 2002.10.2627, Villers-Cotterets. Alexandre Dumas

France, 2002.11.30, Paris. Pantheon

France, 2002.11.30, Villers-Cotterets. Alexandr Dumas

France, 20022006, Villers-Cotterets. Alexandr Dumas

France, 2003.08.30, Paris. Castel If

France, 1997, D'Artagnan

France, 2000, D'Artagnan

France, 2003, D'Artagnan

France, 2004, D'Artagnan statue in Auch

France, 2004, La Fontaine, Racine, Dumas

France, 2005, D'Artagnan

France, 2005, D'Artagnan statue in Auch

France, 2005/2006, D'Artagnan, Le Grand Parc Puy du Fou

Bulgaria, 2002.09.18, Alexandre Dumas

Portugal, 2006, Statue of Abbé Faria in Panjim, Goa


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