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Mameli Goffredo

Mameli Goffredo (18271949)

Italian poet and patriot of the Risorgimento and author of the Italian anthem Inno di Mameli (Mameli Hymn), popularly known as Fratelli d'Italia (Brothers of Italy).

Giuseppe Mazzini, the republican leader, was a friend of Mameli's mother and inspired Mameli with his patriotic ideals. As a student Mameli began writing verses expressing patriotic and republican sentiments. Fratelli d'Italia, written in 1847 and set to music by Michele Novaro, overnight became the national hymn of revolution and independence. In 1848 Mameli volunteered for service in the war against the Austrians. In 1849 he was in Rome when the Roman Republic was proclaimed and sent Mazzini the famous summons: Roma! Repubblica! Venite! (Rome! Republic! Come!). Joining the patriot Giuseppe Garibaldi's force, he was twice wounded, the second time fatally, while defending Rome against the French army sent by Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte.

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