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Eriksen Edvard

Eriksen Edvard  (18761959)

Danish sculptor. He was born in Copenhagen, and he died in Copenhagen. He served his four years apprenticeship under the sculptor Sophus Petersen, after this he was educated at Technical School and at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. In 1904 he received the Eckersberg Medal. From 1906 he traveled throughout Europe, he stayed for some time in Florence and Carrara. From 1908-19 he taught at the Copenhagen Academy. In 1916 he was appointed Professore Onorario (Honorary Professor) of the Fine Art Academy in Carrara, Italy. In 1930 he took the position of museum conservator at Thorvaldsen Museum.
Eriksen's sculptor "The Little Mermaid", 1913, became world famous.

Denmark, 1989, Sculpture of Little Mermaid

Denmark, 1996, Sculpture of Little Mermaid

France, 2012, Sculpture of Little Mermaid

Guinea, 2011, Little Mermaid

Hungary, 1976, Danish stamp and Little Mermaid Statue

Korea Nord, 1987, Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

Lesotho, 2005, The Little Mermaid

Maldives, 2005, The Little Mermaid

Mongolia, 1987, Little Mermaid

Mongolia, 2001, The Little Mermaid

Nauru, 2005, The Little Fir Tree

Nevis, 2005, Tales of Andersen

Poland, 1986, Little Mermaid

San-Marino, 1993, Danmark, Little Mermaid

San-Marino, 2005, Hans Christian Andersen

St. Helena Island, 2005, The Little Mermaid

Umm al Quiwain, 1972, Emperor of Japan, Flag and Little Mermaid

German Federal Republic, 1982.10.03, Essen. Zeppelin over Little Mermaid

Israel, 2006.05.10, Jerusalim. Little Mermaid

USSR, 1983.11.0306, Kopenhagen. Little Mermaid


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