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Hoffman Ernst Theodor Amadeus
Nutcracker and Mouse King
Nußknacker und Mausekönig

Hoffman Ernst Theodor Amadeus (17761822)Nutcracker and Mouse KingNußknacker und Mausekönig

German romantic novelist and composer, a lawyer. At one time an opera composer and musical director at Bamberg and a gifted music critic, he is most famous as a master of the gothic tale. His stories of madness, grotesquerie, horror, and the supernatural include Fantasiestücke in Callots Manier (1814-15), Die Serapionsbrüder (1819-21,... More...

Antigua, 1993, Marie and Fritz with Christmas Tree

Antigua, 1993, Marie receives Nutcracker

Antigua, 1993, Nutcracker

Antigua, 1993, Fritz breaks Nutcracker

Antigua, 1993, Nutcracker and Marie in the snow

Antigua, 1993, Marie and Prince meet Sugar Plum Fairy

Antigua, 1993, Marie and Prince in Crystal Hall

Antigua, 1993, Cossack dancers

Antigua, 1993, Mother Ginger and her pappets

Antigua, 1993, The Prince in sword fight

Antigua, 1993, Marie and Prince in sleigh

Berlin, 1972, E. T. A. Hoffman

Cuba, 1967, Ballet Nutcracker

Cuba, 2008, The Nutcracker

Liberia, 1998, Nutcracker

Liberia, 2001, Ballete The Nutcracker

Liechtenstein, 2006, Waltz of the Flowers (Tchaikovsky)

Nicaragua, 1977, Christmas Festival

Nicaragua, 1977, Doll's dance

Nicaragua, 1977, Clara and snowflakes

Nicaragua, 1977, Snow fairy and prince

Nicaragua, 1977, Snow fairies

Nicaragua, 1977, Sugar fairy and prince

Nicaragua, 1977, Waltz of the Flowers

Nicaragua, 1977, Chinese dance

Nicaragua, 1977, Senora Bonbonierre

Nicaragua, 1977, Arabien dance

Nicaragua, 1977, Final scene

Rumania, 1964, Nicolae Leonard as Hoffman

Russia, 1992, Russian Nutcracker Puppets

Russia, 1992, German Nutcracker Puppets

Russia, 1992, Pas de deux from ballet

Russia, 1992, Dance of the toys

St. Kitts, 2005, The Nutcracker

Berlin, 1972.05.18, Berlin. E. T. A. Hoffman

Russia, 1992.11.04, Moskow. Nutcracker

Russia, 2001, 225th Anniv of Bolshoy theatre

USSR, 1989, Natcracker nea Christmas tree


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