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Spyri Johanna Louise

Spyri Johanna Louise (18271901)  Heidi

Johanna Louise Heusser was born on June 12th 1827 in Hirzel, Switzerland. Her dad's name was Johann Jacob Heusser, and she was named after him, but everybody called her «Hanni.» Johanna attended primary school in Hirzel, but was bored and didn't do very well. She liked to write poetry. Johanna's brother Theodor, who was a... More...

German Federal Republic, 2001, Heidi and Peter

Grenada, 2000, Heidy

Grenada, 2000, Heidy

Grenada, 2000, Heidy with grandfather

Guyana, 2001, Heidi

Japan, 2012, Heidi

Switzerland, 1951, Johanna Spyri

Switzerland, 1984, Heidi and Goat

Switzerland, 2010, Heidi

German Federal Republic, 2001.06.13, Dorfchemitz. Haidy

German Federal Republic, 2001.06.13, Neubrandenburg. Haidy

Switzerland, 2010.05.06, Maienfeld. Bucket


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