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Gozzi Carlo

Gozzi Carlo (17201806)Turandot

Carlo, Count Gozzi was an Italian dramatist. Born in Venice, he came from an old Venetian family. His father's debts forced him to look for a means of supporting himself, and at the age of sixteen, he joined the army in Dalmatia; three years later he returned to Venice, where he soon made a reputation for himself as the wittiest member of the... More...

Austria, 2003, Princess Turandot

Italy, 2007, Maria Callas as Turandot

Nicaragua, 1975, Birgit Nilsson as Turandot

San-Marino, 1999, The Love for Three Oranges

Sweden, 1981, Birgit Nilsson as Turandot

USSR, 1971, Scene from Princess Turandot

USSR, 1983, Vakhtangov, Princess Turandot

Austria, 2003.07.24, Burgenland. Turandot

Russia, 2008, Vakhtangov, Princess Turandot

Armenia, 2008, Scene from Princess Turandot

Russia, 1994, Yuriy Zavadsky as Kalaf in Princess Turandot

Russia, 1999, Scene from Princess Turandot


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