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Maria Callas as Turandot

Series: Entertainment Personalities' Anniversaties

Maria Callas as Turandot

Italy, 2007, 0.60 . 13 (1/4) x 13. multicoloured

Michel: 3208, block 40
Scott: 2840b
Stanley Gibbons: MS3112
Unificato: 3046, BF 45
Yvert et Tellier: 2966, block 44

A portrait of Maria Callas, a stave with some notes and a detail of the sopranos face and hair while interpreting Turandot on the background.

Plots: Gozzi Carlo. Turandot

Maria Callas as Turandot
2003-2024 Dmitry Karasyuk. Idea, preparation, drawing up
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