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Tolstoi Aleksei Nikolaevich

Tolstoi Aleksei Nikolaevich (1883-1945)

Aleksei Nikolaevich Tolstoi, nicknamed the Comrade Count, was a Soviet Russian writer who wrote in many genres but specialized in science fiction and historical novels. He was born in Nikolaevsk (now Pugachyov, Saratov Oblast) in 1883 into an impoverished branch of the Counts Tolstoy. His father was a count N.A.Tolstoi and his mother was a... More...

Belarus, 2010, Children read book

Bulgaria, 1964, The Big Turnip

Bulgaria, 1964, The Wolf and the Seven Kids

Czechoslovakia, 1961, Buratino

Czechoslovakia, 1979, Ivan the Prince on the grey wolf

DDR, 1973, Catching the Pike

DDR, 1973, The work makes itself

DDR, 1973, Voevoda turns out

DDR, 1973, Emelia on the Stove

DDR, 1973, Tun in the Sea

DDR, 1973, Wedding

DDR, 1974, The Woodchopper

DDR, 1974, Old man goes to home

DDR, 1974, New Animals

DDR, 1974, New Lords

DDR, 1974, New Kings

DDR, 1974, Old Men and Women as Animals

Hungary, 1960, The Turnip

Marshall Islands, 2002, Frog Princess

Russia, 1992, Buratino

Russia, 2004, Buratino on the road

Ukraine, 2001, Sister Fox

Ukraine, 2002, Kolobok

Ukraine, 2002, Kurochka Riaba

Ukraine, 2003, Goat on Bridge

Ukraine, 2003, Fox and Crane

USSR, 1961, The Muzhik and the Bear

USSR, 1961, Geese Swans

USSR, 1984, The Princess Frog

USSR, 1984, Ivan and frog

USSR, 1984, Ivan and the Old man

USSR, 1984, Crowd and mute swans

DDR, 1973.12.04, Berlin. Design

DDR, 1974.12.03, Berlin. Bird

Marshall Islands, 2002.04.26, Majuro. The Frog Princess

Russia, 1992.04.22, Moskow. Buratino

Ukraine, 2001.04.14, Kiev. Fox and Wolf

Ukraine, 2002.07.19, Kiev. Fox and Kolobok

Russia, 2003, Buratino and Puppet theatre in Magnitogorsk

Russia, 2006, 50th Anniv of Fanny Pictures magasine

USSR, 1964, Mouse and Little House

USSR, 1965, Buratino on horse

USSR, 1967, Buratino seat on TV

USSR, 1967, Ivan on goose

USSR, 1976, Puppets (including Buratino)

USSR, 1977, Puppet theatre in Saratov, Buratino

USSR, 1977, Yemelya and the Bear

USSR, 1977, Crocodile Gena, Cheburashka, Buratino

USSR, 1981, Puppets of the Theatre of Sergey Obraztsov

USSR, 1982, Centenary of book of wooden boy

USSR, 1984, Characters of childrens book

USSR, 1986, The Man and the Bear

Russia, 2002, Scene from The Adventures of Buratino movie (1975)

Russia, 2003.11.03, Frog Princess

USSR, 1960, Characters from children's book and pupil

USSR, 1960, Buratino with Christmas tree

USSR, 1960, Buratino with Christmas tree

USSR, 1961, The Fox and the Wolf

USSR, 1961, The Magic pike fairy tale

USSR, 1961.11.03, Buratino with Christmas tree

USSR, 1961.12.08, Characters from children's book and pupils

USSR, 1963.04.28, Father Christmas and Buratino

USSR, 1965.09.13, Boy, Buratino and other toys

USSR, 1967.09.15, Buratino on car

USSR, 1967.09.15, Buratino and doll

USSR, 1969.03.28, Father Christmas, Snowmans and Buratino

USSR, 1976, Buratino and puppets

USSR, 1976.02.17, Crocodile Gena, Cheburashka, Buratino

USSR, 1980.04.28, Buratino on car

USSR, 1980.04.28, Buratino with flowers

USSR, 1980.09.04, Buratino, toys and girl

USSR, 1982.02.12, Buratino and Malvina

USSR, 1982.08.02, Kolobok and animals

USSR, 1983.03.28, Buratino on car

USSR, 1983.12.16, Yemelya on stove

USSR, 1987.06.04, Buratino and tartle

USSR, 1990.12.14, Kolobok

USSR, 1991.11.29, Emelya and The Magic pike


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