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Kaut Ellis

Kaut Ellis (19202015)Pumuckl

Pumuckl (in Hungary known as Pumukli, in Spain known as Pumuky s.t. Pumuki and in Greece as Frou Frou) is an imp. He's about 20 cm tall, has red fuzzy hair, can jump very high and likes to make rhymes. He lives in a cabinet-maker's workshop in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, in southern Germany. The old cabinet maker, master Eder, is the only person who can see the imp, as Pumuckl stuck to Eder's glue pot. An imp remains visible for someone who sees it when it have stuck to something that belongs that person. This is what happens in the first story about "Pumuckl and his cabinet-maker master Eder".

All stories about those two were written by the authoress Ellis Kaut, born 1920 and still working and living in Munich. She created Pumuckl in 1962 as a children radio play for the BR (Bayerischer Rundfunk = Bavarian Broadcasting, a radio company under public law, belonging to the ARD). Only a few years later the first books and audio plays were published. In 1982 followed the first film and a TV series with 26 episodes and another 26 in 1988. Right from the beginning, Pumuckl's German voice was spoken by the German actor Hans Clarin. Master Eder was played by Gustl Bayrhammer, who unfortunately died in 1993.

In the 90s another film and 13 TV episodes were made, which show Pumuckl having some ship adventures, accompanied by the ship cook Odessy. But, luckily, since Oct. 2003, with a new film in the theaters, Pumuckl is back in Munich in the workshop of a cousin of Pumuckls former master Eder.

German Federal Republic, 1998, Pumuckl


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