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Komensky Jan Amos
Orbis Sensualium Pictus

Komensky Jan Amos(15921670)Orbis Sensualium Pictus

Moravian churchman and educator, last bishop of the Moravian Church. Comenius advocated relating education to everyday life by emphasizing contact with objects in the environment and systematizing all knowledge. He did not regard religion and science as incompatible. Teaching was to be in the vernacular rather than in Latin, and languages were to be learned by the conversational method. He worked for a universal system of education offering equal opportunities to women. His Didactica magna (1628–32; tr. by M. W. Keatinge, 1896; 2d ed., Pt. I, 1910, Pt. II, 1923, repr. 1967) contains an exposition of these principles. He also wrote Janua linguarum reserata (1631; tr. The Gate of Tongues Unlocked, 1659) and Orbis sensualium pictus (1658; tr. The Visible World, 1659), one of the earliest illustrated books for children. His collected works were first published in 1867.

Bulgaria, 1958, Jan Amos Komensky

Czech Republic, 2001, Jan Amos Komensky

Czech Republic, 2007, Komensky and his pupil

Czech Republic, 2008, Globus with letters

Czechoslovakia, 1935/1936, Jan Amos Komensky

Czechoslovakia, 1952, Jan Amos Komensky

Czechoslovakia, 1952, Jan Amos Komensky

Czechoslovakia, 1955, Jan Amos Komensky

Czechoslovakia, 1957, Komencky's Mausoleum

Czechoslovakia, 1957, Komencky at work

Czechoslovakia, 1957, Jan Amos Komensky

Czechoslovakia, 1957, Illustration from Opera Didactica Omnia

Czechoslovakia, 1970, Jan Amos Komensky

Czechoslovakia, 1992, Jan Amos Komensky

DDR, 1958, Jan Amos Komensky

DDR, 1958, Pupils in School

German Federal Republic, 1970, Jan Amos Komensky

Hungary, 1992, Jan Amos Komensky

Poland, 1957, Jan Amos Komensky

Rumania, 1958, Jan Amos Komensky

Slovakia, 1994, Medal with Komensky' profil

USSR, 1958, Jan Amos Komensky

Czech Republic, 1992.03.28, Uhersky Brod. Jan Amos Komensky

Czech Republic, 2001.03.14, Prague. Rose and cross

Czech Republic, 2007.09.05, Prague. Sun

Czechoslovakia, 1952.03.28, Prague. Jan Amos Komensky

Czechoslovakia, 1957.03.28, Prague. Opera Didactica Omnia

Czechoslovakia, 1992.03.05, Prague. Jan Amos Komensky

DDR, 1958.08.07, Berlin. Jan Amos Komensky

German Federal Republic, 1970.11.12, Bonn. Jan Amos Komensky

Hungary, 1992.03.27, Budapest. Jan Amos Komensky

Poland, 1957.12.11, Warsaw. Jan Amos Komensky

Poland, 1970.11.20, Leszno. Jan Comenius

Czechoslovakia, 1991, Komencky's Visit at Vlcice

Rumania, 1970, Jan Amos Komensky


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