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Duplessis Joseph-Siffred

Duplessis Joseph-Siffred   (1725—1802)

Duplessis was a French painter who studied with Subleyras in Rome 1745-1749. Returning to France he pursued a career as portraitist in Paris, while retaining close links to his home town of Carpentras. After 1774 Duplessis won favour at the court of the new king, Louis XVI, and painted portraits of the entire royal family, as well as of Gluck (1775, Vienna) and Benjamin Franklin (1779). While in Paris, he dispatched altar paintings to the cathedral of Carpentras, as well as decorative landscape paintings to the local hospital. He retired to Carpentras from 1792 to 1796.

Ajman, 1972, Louis XVI

Chad, 1971, Louis XVI

Chad, 2001, Louis XVI

Comoren Islands, 1989, Jacque Necker and Storming the Bastille

Fujeira, 1972, Louis XVI

Guinea, 1989, Camille Desmoulins, destruction of Bastilia; Louis XVI

Guinea, 2009, Louis XVi, Danton, Robespierre

Guinea, 2011, French presidents, Napoleon I, Bastille, Louis XVI

Maldives, 1990, Louis XVI

Maldives, 2000, Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI

Togo, 1989, Jacques Necker


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