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Marie-Antoinette, queen consort of King Louis XVI of France (1774-1793). Frivolous, imprudent, and prodigal and an enemy of reform, she contributed to the popular unrest that led to the Revolution and to the overthrow of the monarchy in August 1792. The 11th daughter of the Holy Roman emperor Francis I and Maria Theresa, Marie-Antoinette was... More...

Ajman, 1972, Marie-Antoinette

Bequia, 1989, Marie-Antoinette

Chad, 1971, Marie-Antoinette

Chad, 1971, Marie-Antoinette

Chad, 2001, Marie-Antoinette

Chad, 2001, Marie-Antoinette

France, 1989, Jean Baptiste Drouet

Lesotho, 1989, The Royal Family

Madagaskar, 1989, Lafayette and croud demanding bread

Madagaskar, 1989, Royal Family in prison

Maldives, 2000, Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI

San-Marino, 1989, King's arrest

Sierra Leone, 1989, Marie-Antoinette, Notre Dame de Paris

Togo, 1989, Danton, Storming of the Bastille

Vietnam, 1989, King's arrest


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