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Hungarian Jacobins

Hungarian Jacobins

Hungarian republican movement associated with the name of Martinovics Ignác, which was backed by a limited circle of intellectuals who called themselves josephinists (i.e. dedicated followers of Joseph II.'s system of ideas) and were much closer to European Enlightenment than to the bureaucratic-absolutist monarchy of the reactionary powers. Martinovics started the movement called The Society of Reformers, which included a more radical and restricted organisation called The Catechism of Freedom and Equality. In December, 1794 the movement was eliminated, the leaders were imprisoned and executed.

Hungary, 1919, Ignac Martinovics

Hungary, 1947, Ignac Martinovics

Hungary, 1990, Ferenc Kazinczy

Hungary, 2009, Ferenc Kazinczy

Hungary, 1982, Ferenc Verseghy


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