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Blanchard Jean Pierre François

Blanchard Jean Pierre François(1753—1809)

Jean-Pierre Blanchard was a French inventor, most remembered a pioneer in aviation and ballooning. With John Jeffries, became the first to fly a balloon across the English Channel between England and France. Also, he is considered to be the first professional balloonist. He is believed to be the first skydiver (he apparently parachuted from a balloon as early as 1785). He introduced ballooning to several countries in Europe, before leaving France (at the time of the French Revolution) to go to America. There, he piloted the first balloon flight in North America, on 9 January 1793, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Antigua, 1993, Hamilton, Washington and Jay watching Blanchard's ballon

Cambodge, 1983, Flight of Blanchard, 1785

Central African Republic, 1983, Jean-Pierre Blanchard

Chad, 1983, Jean-Pierre Blanchard

Comoren Islands, 1983, Blanchard and Jeffries crossing the Channel

Czechoslovakia, 1977, Balloon of Blanchard and Jeffres

France, 2006, Balloon with oars (Jean-Pierre Blanchard)

Gambia, 1993, Blanchard's balloon ower Paris

Grenada, 1993, Blanchard's balloon ower Walnut St. Prison

Grenada, 1993, Blanchard on the balloon

Grenada, 1993, Blanchard's balloon

Libya, 1983, Balloon of Blanchard and Jeffries

Madagaskar, 1998, Balloon of Blanchard and Jeffries

Mongolia, 1982, Balloon of Blanchard and Jeffries

Nicaragua, 1983, Boeing, Balloon of Blanchard

Nicaragua, 1999, Jean-Pierre Blanchard

Paraguay, 1974, Blanchard's flight

Poland, 1981, Balloon of Blanchard

Poland, 1984, Flight of Blanchard and Potocki, 1790

Rwanda, 1984, Blanchard flight (1784)

Rwanda, 1984, Mr and Mme Blanchard

Rwanda, 1984, Blanchard and Jeffries' balloon

St. Vincent, 1993, Blanchard and Washington

St. Vincent, 1993, Blanchard's balloon over Philadelphia

St. Vincent, 1993, Blanchard's balloon

Tanzania, 1994, Balloons

Tanzania, 1994, Jean-Pierre Blanchard

Tanzania, 1994, Balloons

Uganda, 1992, Blanchard and Jeffries' balloon

Vanuatu, 1983, Blanchard and Jeffries' balloon

Vietnam, 1983, Blanchard and Jeffries' balloon

Vietnam, 1995, Balloon of Jean-Pierre Blanchard


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