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Ramsay Allan

Ramsay Allan (1713—1784)

Allan Ramsay, Scottish portrait painter, was the eldest son of the poet Allan Ramsay (1685-1758). He was trained in Italy, and worked first in Edinburgh. From 1757, when he painted his first portrait of George III, then Prince of Wales, Ramsay was increasingly in demand as a royal portraitist. In 1762, he settled in London, and in 1767 was... More...

Aitutaki, 1977, Captain Bligh and George III

Aitutaki, 1989, George III, «Bounty»

Ascension Island, 2008, George III, Trafalgar

Australia, 1986, George III

Barbuda, 1970/1971, George III

Great Britain, 2011, George III

Grenada, 1984, George III

Guinea, 2010, George III

Korea Nord, 1984, George III

Micronesia, 2010, George III and George IV

St. Lucia, 1984, George III

St. Lucia, 1984, George III, Battle of Trafalgar

St. Lucia, 2001, George III

Umm al Quiwain, 1972, George III


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