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Wellington Arthur Wellesley, Duke of (1769-1852)

Wellington Arthur Wellesley, Duke of  (1769-1852)

Perhaps the most famous soldier, other than Napoleon Bonaparte, to come out of the era was Arthur Wellesley. Wellesley learnt his military trade in India applying his study of the art of war, brought on by the ineptitude of his fellow officers, to practical matters in India. In 1799 he led a division at Seringapatum, made mistakes, but went on to... More...

Belgium, 1990, Battle of Waterloo

British Indian Ocean Territory, 2010, Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo

Dominica, 1977, Wellington's Victory

Dubai, 1967, Duke of Wellington

Gibraltar, 1971, Wellington monument

Gibraltar, 1971, Wellington monument

Great Britain, 2009, Battles of Wellington

Guinea, 2012, Paintings of 1812

Isle of Man, 2000, Ensign Caesar Bakon and Duke of Wellington, Battle of Waterloo

Paraguay, 1969, Duke of Wellington

St. Helena Island, 1980, The Briars

St. Helena Island, 1980, Wellington

Togo, 1978, Duke of Wellington

Tristan da Cunha, 2011, Arthur Wellington

Belgium, 1990.06.16, Braine l'Alle. Napoleon and Wellington

France, 1974.04.27—28, Verfeil. Soult and Wellington

Great Britain, 1990.06.18, London. Apsley House. 175th Anniversary Battle of Waterloo


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