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George III

George III (17381820)

Farmer George, as he was known, was a very popular king of Britain who steered his nation through the American War of Independence and most of the Napoleonic Wars. Taking the throne in 1760, George III was a caring monarch, but was stricken with bouts of sickness that some took as a mental disorder. He was a determined foe of Napoleon Bonaparte, particularly after the execution of Louis XVI, but after 1811 had little to do with public life. He was succeeded by his son George IV, who acted as Regent from 1811

Aitutaki, 1977, Captain Bligh and George III

Aitutaki, 1989, George III, Bounty

Ascension Island, 2008, George III, Trafalgar

Australia, 1986, George III

Barbuda, 1970/1971, George III

Congo, 1978, Pulling down George III Statue

Gabon, 1976, Wrecking of George III statue in New York

Great Britain, 1983, Story of the Royal Mint

Great Britain, 2011, George III

Great Britain. Staffa, 1977, George III

Grenada, 1984, George III

Grenada, 2000, George III

Guernsey, 1969, Arms of Sark and George III

Guernsey, 1971, Arms of Sark and George III

Guinea, 2010, George III

Korea Nord, 1984, George III

Mauritius, 1961, George III and Elizabeth II

Mauritius, 1961, George III and Elizabeth II

Mauritius, 1961, George III and Elizabeth II

Mauritius, 1961, George III and Elizabeth II

Micronesia, 2010, George III and George IV

Nicaragua, 1975, Demolishing statue of George III

St. Lucia, 1984, George III

St. Lucia, 1984, George III, Battle of Trafalgar

St. Lucia, 2001, George III

St. Vincent, 1975, George III, George Washington

St. Vincent, 1977, George II, George III, George IV

St. Vincent, 2011, George III

Tristan da Cunha, 2000, George III

Umm al Quiwain, 1972, George III

Virgin Islands, 2000, George III

Great Britain, 1989.08.01, Weymouth. Bicentanery jf George III's Visit

Great Britain, 1980, Arms of George III


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