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Recamier Juliette

Recamier Juliette (1777—1849)

Juliette Récamier was one of the foremost society beauties of the day. Daughter of a banker from Lyon, in 1793 at the age of 16 she had married a 43-year-old banker, a business acquaintance of her father's. Unfortunately, her sitting for the portrait proved problematic – the model was whimsical, spoilt and constantly late; the artist was... More...

Ajman, 1969, M-me Recamier

France, 1950, Madame Recamier

Maldives, 1993, Madame Recamier

Manama, 1969, Madame Recamier

Paraguay, 1971, Madame Recamier

Rwanda, 1982, Madame Recamier

France, 1950.12.09, Lyon. Recamier


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