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Alyabiev () Aleksander Alekseevitch

Alyabiev () Aleksander Alekseevitch (17871851)

The composer. Participated in Domestic war 1812 and foreign campaigns 1813-1814. Served in Akhtirsy hussars shelf, then in horse-huntsmans shelf. In 1823 has retired in a grade of the lieutenant-colonel.

USSR, 1951, Alexander Alyabiev

USSR, 1987.08.15, Moskow. Birth Bicentenary of Alyabiev

USSR, 1987.15.08, Tobolsk. Birth Bicentenary of Alyabiev

Russia, 2012, Aleksander Alyabiev

USSR, 1962, Aleksander Alyabiev

USSR, 1987, Birth bicentenary of Alyabiev


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