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War with Third Coalition

War with Third Coalition 1805

In April 1805, the time looked perfect for the members of the Third Coalition - Britain, Austria, Russia, Sweden and some German states - to strike back at France. The French fleet could not gain control of the English Channel and the mass of the Grande Armee was camped near Boulogne awaiting orders to invade Britain. It was decided that a... More...

Ajman, 1970, Keys of Vienna

Ajman, 1971, Ulm

Chad, 2001, Napoleon near Ausburg

German Federal Republic, 1977, Ulm Cathedral

Germany. Württemberg, 1920, Ulm

Germany. Württemberg, 1920, Ulm

Paraguay, 1971, Napoleon with army

Rwanda, 1969, Napoleon Adressing Troops at Ausburg

Slovakia, 2005, Napoleon Bonaparte and palace Pressburg

Uganda, 1993, Ulm Cathedrals

YAR, 1969, Napoleon Adressing Troops at Ausburg

YAR, 1969, Napoleon Adressing Troops at Ausburg

German Federal Republic, 1963.07.30, Ulm. Cathedral

German Federal Republic, 1977.05.17, Bonn. Ulm's Cathedral

Slovakia, 2005.04.29, Bratislava. Rider


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