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Pestel (Пестель) Pavel Ivanovich

Pestel (Пестель) Pavel Ivanovich (1793—1826)

Russian military officer and a radical leader of the Decembrist revolutionaries. The son of a government official, Pestel attended school in Dresden, Saxony, from 1805 to 1809. He entered the elite Corps of Pages in St. Petersburg in 1810 and, upon graduation in 1811, was commissioned as an ensign in the Lithuanian Regiment of Guards. He fought against the French invasion of Russia in 1812. In March of 1821 Pestel, a Decembrist and staunch proponent of republican rule, established the Southern Society. The uprising Pavel Pestel and his fellow Decembrists staged in St. Petersburg on 1825 was severely crushed and Pestel was sent to the gallows.

USSR, 1925, Decembrists

USSR, 1950, Decembrists

USSR, 1975, Decembrists on Senate Square

Russia, 2005, Decemberists

USSR, 1975, 150th Anniv of Decembrists Rebellion

USSR, 1988, Vasilkov, decembrists monument

USSR, 1989.07.17, Pestel's house in Tulchin


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