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Rileev (Рылеев) Kondraty Fyodorovich

Rileev (Рылеев) Kondraty Fyodorovich (1795—1826)

Kondraty Rileev was a poet and satirist, using folk forms and themes to express his political radicalism. As one of the editors of the literary almanac The North Star, he made it a political organ as well as a literary one. As one of the leaders of the revolt of 14 December 1825, he was executed, in a literal fulfillment of his literary longing for martyrdom. In 1814 he take part in the war against Napoleon.

USSR, 1925, Decembrists

USSR, 1950, Decembrists

USSR, 1975, Decembrists on Senate Square

Russia, 1995, Birth Bicentenary of Rileev

Russia, 2005, Decemberists

USSR, 1975, 150th Anniv of Decembrists Rebellion

USSR, 1988, Vasilkov, decembrists monument


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