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Khitrovo (Хитрово) Nikanor Nikanorovich

Nikanor Khitrovo was the Participant of Domestic war, the provincial secretary. From the Moscow nobiliary family. In the age of 15 he in a grade of junker of a guards Preobrazhenskiy regiment participated in Austerlitz battle. In 1808 has acted on service in the Moscow Kremlin expedition. During campaign 1812 he has gone to militia and was aide-de-camp of general N. A. Lopukhin, which daughter married, when had left in 1813 in resignation. He was the owner of the house on Arbat street, in which in 1831 Pushkin rented the apartment. Today in this building there is a Museum-apartment of Pushkin (Arbat street, 53).

USSR, Moskow. House of Hitrovo

Russia, 1999, Pushkin's museum on Arbat, Moskow

USSR, 1987, Pushkin's museum-flat in Moskow

USSR, 1987.04.13, Khitrovo's house

USSR, 1987.04.13, Khitrovo's house


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