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Kazan Cathedral

Kazan Cathedral

The vast Kazan Cathedral on the Nevsky Prospect in St Petersburg was modelled by Andrey Voronikhin after St Peter's Basilica in Rome. Although the Russian Orthodox Church strongly disapproved of the plans to create a replica of the Popish cathedral in the Russian capital, several courtiers infatuated with Roman Catholicism supported Voronikhin's... More...

Montenegro, 2011, Kazan catidral

Russia, 2002, Barklay Monument near Kazan Cathedrals

Russia, 2002, Kolumns of Kazan Cathedral

Russia, 2011, Kazan Cathidral, monuments to Kutuzov and Barclay de Tolly

Sao Tome e Principe, 2003, Kazan Cathedral and Kutuzov Monument

USSR, 1960, Voronikhin and Kazan cathedral

Russia, 2011.09.20—25, Sankt-Petersburg. Bicentenary of Kazan Cathidral

USSR, 1969.01.21, Leningrad. Kazan Cathedral

USSR, 1990.05.09, Leningrad. Kazan Cathedral

Russia, 1997, Kutuzov Monument in Sankt-Peterburg

Russia, 2002, Stamps to 300th Anniv of Sankt-Peterburg

Russia, 2003, Kazan Cathedral

Russia, 2004, Kazan Cathedral

Russia, 2008, Saint-Petersburg. Kazansky cathedral

Russia, 2011, Bicentenary of Kazan Cathedral

USSR, 1965, Cupola of Kazan Cathedral

USSR, 1972, Fragment of Kazan Cathedral

USSR, 1976, Kazan Cathedral

USSR, 1978, Kazan Cathedral, Kutuzov monument

Russia, 2007, Aleksandr Stroganov, Kazan cathedral

Russia, 2009, Kazan Cathidral

USSR, 1970.11.10, Kazan Cathedral, Kutuzov monument

USSR, 1970.11.10, Fragment of Kazan cathedral

USSR, 1972.09.13, Kazan Cathedral, Kutuzov monument

USSR, 1972.09.13, Fragment of Kazan cathedral

USSR, 1972.10.18, Kazan Cathedral, Kutuzov monument

USSR, 1973.09.14, Leningrad. Kazan Cathedral

USSR, 1973.12.13, Leningrad. Kazan Cathedral

USSR, 1974.04.08, Kazan Cathedral, Kutuzov monument

USSR, 1979.10.19, Fragment of Kazan cathedral

USSR, 1980.10.03, Kazan Cathedral, Kutuzov monument

USSR, 1990.12.24, Kazan Cathedral, Kutuzov monument


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