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Narva Triumphal Gate

Narva Triumphal Gate

The Narva Triumphal Gate, was erected in the vast Narva Square (known as the Stachek Square in Soviet years), St Petersburg, 1827 - 1834, to commemorate the Russian victory over Napoleon. The architect was Vasily Stasov, and the program was meant to respond to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, originally erected to celebrate Napoleon's victory over the Allies at Austerlitz. A similar gate, also by Stasov, was erected on the road leading to Moscow.

As has been conventional since Imperial Roman times, sculptures of Fame offering laurel wreaths fill the spandrels of the central arch. The main entablature breaks boldly forward over paired Corinthian columns that flank the opening and support colossal scultures. Nike, the Goddess of Victory sumounts the arch, in a triumphal car drawn by six horses instead of the traditional Quadriga.

A small military museum was opened in the upper part of the arch in 1989.

Russia, 1997, Narva Triumphal Gate

USSR, 1957, Narva Gate

USSR, 1961, Narva Triumphal Gate

USSR, 1973, Narva Triumphal Gate

USSR, 1956.08.11, Leningrad. Narva Gate

USSR, 1959, Leningrad. Narva Gate

USSR, 1972.10.18, Leningrad. Narva Gate


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