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Heracles (Ἡρακλῆς)

Heracles (Ἡρακλῆς)

In Greek mythology, Heracles or Herakles ("glory of Hera", or "Glorious through Hera," Alcides (original name) "Ἥρα + κλέος, Ἡρακλῆς)" was a divine hero, the son of Zeus and Alcmene, nephew of Amphitryon and great-grandson (and half-brother) of Perseus. He was the... More...

Austria, 1966, Hercules from Wilem Blaeu's atlas

DDR, 1977, The Drunk Hercules (Rubens)

France, 1976, Statue, Hercules and Pyrene

Georgia, 1998, Voyage of the Argonauts

Ghana, 2004, The Infant Hercules Strangling Serpents

Gibraltar, 1981, Hercules creating the Mideterrnian

Gibraltar, 1981, Hercules and Pillars of Hercules

Greece, 1906, Atlas offering the Apples of Hesperides to Hercules

Greece, 1906, Hercules and Antaeus

Greece, 1906, Atlas offering the Apples of Hesperides to Hercules

Greece, 1959, Hercules and Zeus (4th cent B.C.)

Greece, 1963, Hercules and Zeus (4th cent B.C.)

Greece, 1970, Overwhelming the Cretan Bull

Greece, 1970, Hercules and Cerberus

Greece, 1970, Hercules and Atlas

Greece, 1970, The Lernean Hydra

Greece, 1970, Hercules and Geryon

Greece, 1970, The Erymanthine Boar

Greece, 1970, The Centaur Nessus

Greece, 1970, Combat with Achelous

Greece, 1970, Nemean Lion

Greece, 1970, The Stymphalian Birds

Greece, 1970, Hercules and Antaeus

Greece, 1977, Hercules and nurse

Greece, 1992, Head of Hercules with Lion Skin

Greece, 2005, Hercules on emblem of football club

Greece, 2006, Stamps M149 & 157

Greece, 2009, Hercules & Vousiris on Attic

Greece, 2009, Hercules and Triton

Grenada, 1997, Characters from Hercules

Grenada, 1997, Hercules as a boy

Grenada, 1997, The Muses

Grenada, 1998, Scenes from Hercules

Grenada, 1998, Scenes from Hercules

Grenada, 1998, Characters from Hercules

Grenada, 1998, Childhood of Hercules

Grenada, 1998, Hades

Grenada, 1998, Hades on fire

Grenada, 1998, Hercules and Hydra

Grenada, 1998, Hercules and Zeus

Grenada, 1998, Hercules and Megara riding Pegasus

Guinea Bissau, 2003, Abduction of Deianira

Guinea Bissau, 2003, Abduction of Deianira

Guyana, 2004, Hercules between Love and Wisdom

Italy, 1957, Hercules and Lica

Italy, 1998, Hercules and the Hydra (A. del Pollaiola)

Mali, 1978, Hercules Fighting the Nemean Lion

Manama, 1971, Hercules and Omphala

Marshall Islands, 2010, Hercules

Mauritanie, 1971, Hercules and Antaeus

Monaco, 1981, Hercules killing the Nemean Lion

Monaco, 1981, Hercules destroing the Lernaean Hydra

Monaco, 1982, Hercules capturing the Erymanthian Boar

Monaco, 1982, Hercules killing the Stymphalian Birds

Monaco, 1983, Hercules capturing the Ceryneian Hind

Monaco, 1983, Hercules cleaning the Augean Stables

Monaco, 1984, Hercules capturing the Cretan Bull

Monaco, 1984, Hercules rounding up the Mares of Diomedes

Monaco, 1985, Hercules herding the Cattle of Geryon

Monaco, 1985, Hercules with the Girdle of Hippolyte

Monaco, 1986, Hercules fetching the Apples of Hesperides

Monaco, 1986, Hercules capturing Cerberus

Monaco, 1997, Hercules in Monaco

Niger, 1973, Hercules

Norway, 1980, Hercules at a burning Altar

Suriname, 2004, Amphorae with Heracles

Yugoslavia, 1971, Hercules

Greece, 2008.04.05, Agrinio. Combat with Achelous

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