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Proust Marcel

Proust Marcel (1871–1922)

French novelist, b. Paris. He is one of the great literary figures of the modern age. Born to wealthy bourgeois parents, he suffered delicate health as a child and was carefully ministered to by his mother. As a young man he ambitiously mingled in high Parisian society and wrote his rather unpromising first work, Les Plaisirs et les jours (1896;... More...

France, 1966, Marcel Proust

Nicaragua, 1995, Marcel Proust

Portugal, 2000, Writers

France, 1952, Illiers. Combray of Marcel Proust

France, 1958/1960, Illiers. Combray of Marcel Proust

France, 1966.02.12, Illiers. Proust

France, 1966.02.12, Paris. Marcel Proust

France, 1970, Illiers. Combray of Marcel Proust

France, 1991, Chartres. Proust and painters

France, 1998/2004, Illiers-Combray. Marcel Proust & John Ruskin


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