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Nibelungs, in Germanic myth and literature, an evil family possessing a magic hoard of gold. The hoard is accursed. The Nibelungenlied [song of the Nibelungen] is a long Middle High German epic by a south German poet of the early 13th cent. It includes pagan legends and traditions but is patently the product of a Christian, courtly world. The... More...

Austria, 1926, Siegfried and Dragon

Austria, 1926, Gunther's voyage

Austria, 1926, Kriemhild and Brunhild

Austria, 1926, Hagen and the Rhine maidens

Austria, 1926, Rudiger and the Nibelungs

Austria, 1926, Dietrich's fight with Hagen

Austria, 1981, Scene from Das Nibelungenlied

Austria, 2009, The Ring of Nibelungs

Belgium, 2013, Operas

Bohemia and Moravia, 1943, Siegfried

Denmark. Faroe Islands, 1998, Wall of Fire

Denmark. Faroe Islands, 1998, Sigurd

Denmark. Faroe Islands, 1998, Golden rings

Denmark. Faroe Islands, 1998, Gudrun

Denmark. Faroe Islands, 2001, Heroes of Sagas and Legends

Germany, 1933, Rheinegold

Germany, 1933, The Rhine maidens

Germany, 1933, Siegfried and Dragon

Great Britain. Bernera, 1978, Wagner, Die Rheingold

Isle of Man, 2008, Sigurd and dragon Fafnir

Norway, 1976, Sigurd and Regin

Norway, 2006, Battle of Sigurd and Dragon Fafnir

Portugal, 2013, Die Walküre

Rumania, 1964, Popovici-Bayreth as Alberich

Rumania, 1983, Wagner, scene from Zigfried

San-Marino, 1999, Wagner, scene from Zigfried

Sao Tome e Principe, 2006, Wagner, SiegfriedPossibly illegal issue

Uruguay, 2001, Das Rheingold

Uruguay, 2001, Die Walküre

Uruguay, 2001, Zigfried

Austria, 1981.04.06, Vienna. Siegfried

Austria, 2009.05.02, Vienna. Ring of Nibelungs

Hungary, 1999, Ring of the Nibelungs


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