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Sardou Victorien

Sardou Victorien(18311908)

French dramatist. Author of some 70 plays, he won great popularity with his light comedies and pretentious historical pieces, but his reputation later declined. His best farce comedy is Divorçons! (1880, tr. 1881). Among his semihistorical melodramas are Patrie! (1869, tr. 1915) and Fédora (1882, tr. 1883), in which Sarah Bernhardt made... More...

Austria, 1970, The Beggar Student

Austria, 1992, Scenes from The Birdseller and The Beggar Student

Bulgaria, 1947, Save Ogyanov as Napoleon

Bulgaria, 1970, Petur Raichev and Tosca

Cuba, 1989, Sarah Bernhardt as Cleopatra

Czech Republic, 2010, Theatrical posters of Sarah Bernardt

Fujeira, 1972, Cleopatra

Guinea Bissau, 2003, Pavarotti in Tosca

Italy, 2000, Tosca and Scenery

Monaco, 1994, Sarah Bernhardt

Mozambique, 2002, Pavarotti in Tosca

Nicaragua, 1975, Maria Callas as Toska

Nicaragua, 1975, Maria Callas as Toska

Rumania, 1964, Hariclea Darclee as Tosca

San-Marino, 1999, Tosca and Puccini

Sao Tome e Principe, 2008, Puccini and his operas

St. Vincent, 1997, Domingo in Puccini's Tosca

Uruguay, 2000, Puccini, Tosca


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