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Once upon a time, there was a widower who married a proud and haughty woman as his second wife. She had two daughters, who were equally vain. By his first wife, he'd had a beautiful young daughter, a girl of unparalleled goodness and sweet temper. The Stepmother and her daughters forced the first daughter into servitude, where she was made to work... More...

Ascension Island, 2011, Cinderella

Australia, 2007, Princess

Belgium, 2005, Princess

Belgium, 2008, Princess

Benin, 2003, CinderellaPossibly illegal issue

Equatorial Guinea, 1979, Cinderella

France, 2010, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast

Fujeira, 1972, Cinderella

Great Britain, 1985, Cinderella's shoe

Great Britain, 2008, Christmas characters

Great Britain, 2008, Ugly Sisters

Great Britain, 2008, Ugly Sisters

Grenada, 1981, Cinderella and the Royal postman

Grenada, 1981, Stepmother and sisters

Grenada, 1981, Cinderella and the fairy Sodmother

Grenada, 1981, The Carriage

Grenada, 1981, Cinderella gets on the carriage

Grenada, 1981, The Dance

Grenada, 1981, Cinderella, Bruno and the horse

Grenada, 1981, Cinderella tries on the shoe

Grenada, 1981, Cinderella and the Prince

Grenada, 1981, Cinderella looses the shoe

Grenada, 1987, Cinderella

Grenada, 1987, Cinderella

Grenada Grenadines, 1986, Cinderella

Grenada Grenadines, 1997, Cinderella and the Prince

Guyana, 1991, Christmas card 1949

Guyana, 1991, Mouses

Guyana, 2001, Cinderella

Japan, 2012, Disney Characters

Jersey, 1995, Cinderella

Mali, 1972, Cinderella

Manama, 1971, Cinderella

Monaco, 1978, Cinderella

Mongolia, 1970, Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault

Nevis, 1996, Cinderella and prince

New Zealand, 2003, Cinderella

Russia, 2001, Faina Ranevskaya and film Cinderella

Singapore, 2006, Princess

Singapore, 2006, Princess

St. Vincent, 1992, Cinderella

St. Vincent (Grenadines), 1991, Christmas card 1987

Tanzania, 1991, Christmas card 1968

Tanzania, 1991, Letter C

Uruguay, 1979, Cinderella

USA, 2006, Cinderella and Prince

Russia, 2001, Stamps with popular cinema actors

Russia, 2009, Yanina Zheimo as Cinderella

Russia, 2002, Birth Centenary of Erast Garin

USA, 2006, Cinderella and Prince


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