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Stevenson Robert Louis

Stevenson Robert Louis (18501894)

Scottish novelist, poet, and essayist, b. Edinburgh. Handicapped from youth by delicate health, he struggled all his life against tuberculosis. He studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1875, but he never practiced. At an early age he had begun to write, and gradually he devoted himself to literature. The essays that were later published as... More...

Cayman Islands, 1975, Israel Hands

Coo Islands, 1994, Pirates

Coo Islands, 1994, David Balfour

Coo Islands, 1994, Kidnapped

Coo Islands, 1994, Mr. Hyde

Dominica, 1988, Spencer Tracy

Great Britain, 1993, Long John Silver

Great Britain, 1997, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Grenada, 2004, Arthur on Treasure Island

Guyana, 1993, James Derrisdir

Marshall Islands, 1988, Voyages of Stevenson

Niue, 1994, Treasure Island

Niue, 1994, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Niue, 1994, Kidnapped

Niue, 1994, Tomb of of Robert Louis Stevenson

Samoa, 1935, Stevenson's Tomb at Apia

Samoa, 1935, Valima, Stevenson's House

Samoa, 1935, Stevenson's Tomb

Samoa, 1939, Robert Stevenson

Samoa, 1962, Stevenson's house

Samoa, 1969, Stevenson and Silver

Samoa, 1969, Stevenson and Stewart and Balfour

Samoa, 1969, Stevenson, D-r Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Samoa, 1969, Stevenson, Archie Weir and Chritiana Elliot

Samoa, 1981, Stevenson, Hotel Tusitala

Samoa, 1985, System

Samoa, 1985, Time to Rise

Samoa, 1985, Auntie's skirts

Samoa, 1985, Good Children

Samoa, 1986, Stevenson's House

Samoa, 1994, Schooner Equator

Samoa, 1994, Robert Stevenson

Samoa, 1994, Stevenson's Tomb

Samoa, 1994, Stevenson's House

Sierra Leone, 1997, Fredric March in Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hide

USA, 2001, Captain Bill Bones

Virgin Islands, 1969, Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins

Virgin Islands, 1969, Jim's escape from the pirates

Virgin Islands, 1969, The fight with Israel Hands

Virgin Islands, 1969, Treasure Trove

Great Britain, 1993.02.02, Edinburgh. Literary Museum

Great Britain, 1994.03.22, Edinburgh. Parrot

Great Britain, 1996.09.03, Edinburgh. Treasure Island

Great Britain, 1997.05.13, Edinburgh. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Samoa, 1969.04.21, Apia. Stevenson's House

Samoa, 1969.04.21, Apia. Stevenson's Tomb

Samoa, 1974.12.03, Apia. Stevenson's Tomb

Samoa, 1994.11.21, Samoa. Robert Stevenson

Great Britain, 1989, Portraits of Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson

Great Britain, 1994, Death centenary of Stevenson


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