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Platov () Matvey Ivanovich

Platov () Matvey Ivanovich (17531818)

The leader of the Don cossacks, Matvey Platov was an extremely effective commander of cavalry. His troops abilities to live off the land and harry disorganised armies were never more obvious than during the 1812 French invasion of Russia.Despite an unremarkable performance at Borodino, Platov shone during the French retreat from Moscow and defeated General Sebastiani at Inkovo. The cossack hetman also took part at Leipzig and joined the Allied occupation force of Paris.

Russia, 2008, Russian Cossacks, Platov

Russia, 2009, Matvwy Platov

USSR, 1990, Panorama Borodino Battle, monument of Kutuzov

Russia, 1995.05.06, Museum-Panorama Borodino Battle, statue of Kutuzov

Russia, 2003, 250 Birth Anniv of Platov

Russia, 2005.07.19, Novocherkassk. Monument of Platov

Russia, 2005.07.19, Novocherkassk. Monument of Platov

Russia, 2006, Platov, Levsha and Nikolay I

Russia, 2012, Monument to Platov in Taganrog

USSR, 1978.01.09, Museum-Panorama Borodino Battle

USSR, 1978.12.22, Kutuzov monument in Moskow

USSR, 1982.09.23, Museum-Panorama Borodino Battle


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