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Ushakov () Fyodor Fyodorovich
(1744 or 17451817)

Ushakov () Fyodor Fyodorovich(1744 or 17451817)

Fyodor Ushakov was the most illustrious Russian naval commander and admiral of the 18th century. He was born in the village of Burnakovo in the Government of Yaroslavl, to a modest family of the minor nobility. On February 15, 1761, he signed up for the Russian Navy in Saint Petersburg. After training, he served on a galley in the Baltic Fleet. In... More...

Russia, 1999, Russian Navy near Corfu. Portrait of Ushakov

Ukraine, 2000, Ushakov's flagman ship St. Paul

USSR, 1945, Order of Ushakov

USSR, 1987, Fyodor Ushakov and Storming of Corfu

Russia, 1999.02.19, Moscow. Ship

Russia, 1999, Russian Navy storming Corfu

Russia, 2004, Ribinsk. Ushakov Monument

USSR, 1959, Ushakov monument in Kherson

USSR, 1960, Ushakov monument in Kherson

USSR, 1964, Ushakov monument in Kherson

Russia, 2008, Submarine, Order of Ushakov

Russia, 2010, Orders of Ushakov and Kutuzov

USSR, 1987.12.15, Ushakov monument in Kherson

USSR, 1988.01.18, Usakov monument in Sevastopol


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