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Pavlovsky Barracks

Pavlovsky Barracks

Barracks of Pavlovsky guards shelf , a monument of architecture of an empire style, are constructed in 1817-1821 (the architect of Stasov) on a place of the Pawnshop and several old buildings. The decision to transfer in the order a shelf a number of the buildings located lengthways Marsovo field between the Moika and Neva and to allocate a part of territory for construction of a barracks it was accepted in commemoration of valour of guardsmen in Domestic war and foreign campaigns 1813-1814.

USSR, 1948, Stasov, Pavlovsky Barracks

USSR, 1956.08.02, Leningrad. Marsovo field

USSR, 1959, Leningrad. Marsovo field

USSR, 1980.10.03, Leningrad. Marsovo field

USSR, 1981.09.03, Leningrad. Marsovo field

USSR, 1983.08.24, Leningrad. Marsovo field

USSR, 1985.08.27, Leningrad. Marsovo field

USSR, 1986.08.25, Leningrad. Marsovo field


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