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Germany campaign

Germany campaign 1813

Recovering from the disaster of the invasion of Russia, Napoleon Bonaparte frenetically rebuilt his army as the Sixth Coalition formed to remove him from power. The enemy nations began as Britain, Russia, Spain and Portugal, but were joined by Prussia, Austria (unofficially), Sweden and minor German states. Determined to re-establish his hold over... More...

Danzig, 1939, French army goes away from Danzig

DDR, 1961, Ruins of Rudelsburg

DDR, 1961, Wartburg

DDR, 1961, Old Town Hall

DDR, 1963, Cossacks and German soldiers in Berlin

DDR, 1963, Lutzow corps in battle order

DDR, 1976, Russian trap

German Federal Republic, 2002, Bautzen

German Federal Republic, 2002, Bautzen

Maldives, 1992, Iron Crosses

DDR, 1987.10.10, Juterbog. Russian and prussian soldiers

German Federal Republic, 2002.01.10, Bonn. Bautzen

Russia, Berlin, Chelyabinsk region

USSR, Berlin, Chelyabinsk region

DDR, 1982, Monument to Bülow at Dennewitz

DDR, 1987, Monument to Bülow at Dennewitz


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