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Chateaubriand François René de

Chateaubriand François René de (1768Ч1848)

French writer and statesman, a pioneer of the romantic movement, most famous for his brilliant autobiography. Chateaubriand was born on September 4, 1768, in Saint-Malo, Brittany. He entered the French army in 1786, and was in Paris during the early years of the French Revolution. Refusing to join the Royalists or the radical revolutionaries, he... More...

France, 1948, Portrait of Chateaubriand

Fujeira, 1972, Portrait of Chateaubriand

Fujeira, 1972, Sign of the Zodiac

Guinea, 2011, Chateaubriand, La Sylphide

Monaco, 1968, Portrait of Chateaubriand

Monaco, 1968, Le Genie de christianisme

Monaco, 1968, Rene

Monaco, 1968, Le Dernier Abencerage

Monaco, 1968, Les Martyrs

Monaco, 1968, Atala

St. Pierre and Miquelon, 1968, Chateaubriand, ship

France, 1948.07.18, St. Malo. Death centenary of Chateaubriand

France, 1952.04.20, Savigny s/Orge. Exposition of Chatobriand

France, 1968.07Ч08, Saint-Malo. Chateaubriand

France, 1986.04.08, Paris. Chateaubriand

France, 1986.06.18, Combourg. Chateau of Chateaubriand

France, 1987.06.26, Combourg. Chateau of Chateaubriand

France, 1990/2006, Chatenay Malabry. Chateaubriand

France, 1998, Saint-Malo. Chateaubriand

France, 1998.06.08, Fougeres. Chateaubriand

France, 1998.07.04, Saint-Malo. Tomb of Chateaubriand

France, 1998.07Ч09, Rennes. Chateaubriand

France, 1998.08.18, Combourg. Chateau of Chateaubriand

France, 1998.09.26, Saint-Malo. Chateaubriand

France, 1999/2000, Parame. Chateaubriand

France, 2006, House of Chateaubriand, Chatenay Malabry

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