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Rimbaud Jean-Nicolas-Arthur

Rimbaud Jean-Nicolas-Arthur  (1854–1891)

French poet who had a great influence on the symbolists and subsequent modern poets, b. Charleville. A defiant and precocious youth, Rimbaud at 16 sent some poems to Verlaine, who liked his work and invited him to Paris. In 1872–73 the two poets lived together in London and Brussels. In a drunken quarrel Verlaine fired a pistol, wounding Rimbaud,... More...

Belgium, 2010, Writers

Djibouti, 1985, Arthur Rimbaud

Djibouti, 1991, Arthur Rimbaud, Ship and Serpent

Djibouti, 1991, Arthur Rimbaud, Camel train and map

France, 1951, Arthur Rimbaud

Rumania, 2004, Arthur Rimbaud

Djibouti, 1992.02.05, Djibouti. Arthur Rimbaud

France, 1951.10.27, Charleville. Rimbaud

France, 1954.10.17, Charleville. Arthur Rimbayd

France, 1969/1973, Charleville-Mezieres. Museum of Arthur Rimbaud

France, 1986/1989, Charleville-Mezieres. Arthur Rimbaud

France, 1991.09.09, Attigny. Arthur Rimbayd

France, 1992/1993, Charleville-Mezieres. Arthur Rimbaud

France, 1996.10.15, Charleville-Mezieres. Arthur Rimbaud

France, 2004, Charleville-Mezieres. Bust of Arthur Rimbaud

France, 2004, Charleville-Mezieres. Museum of Arthur Rimbaud


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