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Scott Walter

Scott Walter (17711832)

Scottish novelist and poet, b. Edinburgh. He is considered the father of both the regional and the historical novel. After an apprenticeship in his fathers law office Scott was admitted (1792) to the bar. In 1799 he was made sheriff-deputy of Selkirkshire. His first published works (1796) were translations of two German ballads by Bürger,... More...

Cuba, 1987, Sir Walter Scott

Gambia, 1996, The Abduction of Rebekka

Great Britain, 1971, Walter Scott

Great Britain, 1989, Walter Scott

Great Britain, 2006, Bust of Walter Scott

Great Britain. Bernera, 1979, Walter Scott

Grenada, 1998, The Assassination of Bishop of Liege

Guinea, 2011, Ivanhoe

Guinea, 2012, Ivanhoe

Guinea Bissau, 2010, Elizabeth Taylor, Ivanhoe

Irland, 1984, Mcormack as Edgardo

Liberia, 2001, Rob Roy

Malta, 1990, Walter Scott

San-Marino, 1999, Lucia di Lammermoor

St. Vincent, 1997, Lucia de Lammermoor, I Puritani

USA, 1984, Mcormack as Edgardo

USA, 1997, Lily Pons as Lucia

Great Britain, 1971.07.28, Edinburgh. Walter Scott

Great Britain, 1971.07.28, Melrose. Walter Scott

Great Britain, 1971.08.15, Melrose. Walter Scott

Great Britain, 1975, Scott Monument in Edinburgh

Great Britain, 1989, Portraits of Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson


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