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Molière (Poquelin) Jean-Baptiste

Molière (Poquelin) Jean-Baptiste  (16221673)

French theatre writer, director and actor, one of the masters of satire. The son of a Parisian artisan, Poquelin lost his mother when still a child and entered the prestigious Jesuits' College de Clermont, to complete his studies. It is said that his father was very hard to him, or that in this college he met the prince of Conti, or that he was a... More...

Afars et des Issas, 1973, Moliere and scene from play

Antigua, 1991, Mozart and Don Giovanni

Austria, 1969, Don Juan

France, 1944, Moliere

France, 1953, Cellimene

France, 1973, Moliere as Sganarelle

France, 1980, Moliere in Comedie-Francaise

France, 2006, Don Giovanni

Gambia, 2001, Moliere

Guinea, 2006, Mozart and Don Giovanni

Guinea, 2010, Moliere

Mali, 1998, Jose Van Damm as Leporello

Monaco, 1973, Moliere and Le Malade Imanginaire

Monaco, 1987, Mozart and Don Juan

Nevis, 1993, Masked reveller from Don Giovanny

New Caledonia, 1973, Moliere and scenes from plays

Nicaragua, 1975, Don Juan

Paraguay, 1966, Moliere and scene from play

Paraguay, 1966, Moliere and scene from play

Paraguay, 1966, Dante Alighieri

Paraguay, 1966, Molier

Paraguay, 1966, Molier

Paraguay, 1966, Dante Alighieri

San-Marino, 1999, Mozart and Don Juan

Slovakia, 2003, Don Juan Poster

St. Vincent, 1993, The Apotheosis of Homer

St. Vincent (Grenadines), 1992, Costume for Don Giovanne

Tanzania, 1992, Zerlina in Don Giovanni

Tanzania, 2006, Don Giovanni

Austria, 2008.08.08, Salzburg. Scene from Don Giovanni

France, Paris, post office on rue Moliere

France, 1953.09.19, Paris. Celimena

France, 1973.06.14, Pezenas. 300th Birth Anniv. of Moliere

France, 1973.10.20, Paris. Moliere

France, 1973.10.20, Pezenas. Chair of Moliere

France, 2002.06.01, Pezenas. Moliere

New Caledonia, 1973.02.24, Noumea. Moliere

France, 2005, Bust of Moliere

USSR, 1981, Puppets of the Theatre of Sergey Obraztsov

France, 1935, Fontain of Moliere in Paris

France, 1936, Fontain of Moliere in Paris


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