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Twain Mark

Twain Mark (18351910)

American writer and humorist. His best work is characterized by broad, often irreverent, humor or biting social satire; realism of place and language; memorable characters; and hatred of hypocrisy. Clemens was born Nov. 30, 1835, in Florida, Mo. When he was four years old, his family moved to Hannibal, Mo., a Mississippi river port, where he... More...

Anguilla, 1985, Fishing

Anguilla, 1985, Pap surprising Huck

Anguilla, 1985, The times tables

Anguilla, 1985, The Duke and Huck

Anguilla, 1985, Huck in the school

Anguilla, 1986, Tom Sawyer

Antigua, 1985, Travellers with the Indians

Antigua, 1985, Travellers in a canoe

Antigua, 1985, Goofy on a horse

Antigua, 1985, Travellers hunting a Bison

Antigua, 1985, At the silver mines

Antigua, 1985, Travellers in the diligance

Antigua, 1993, Prince and Pauper

Australia, 2005, Mickey Mouse Booklet

Bhutan, 1985, Tramping throw Black Forest

Bhutan, 1985, Steamboat trip on Lake Lucerne

Bhutan, 1985, Climbing Rigi-Kulm

Bhutan, 1985, Rafting on River Neckar

Bhutan, 1985, Back up the Riffelberg

Bhutan, 1985, A Tramp Abroad

Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2000, Mark Twain, Tom and Huck

Caicos islands, 1985, Huck and Tom read the reward

Caicos islands, 1985, Huck and Tom with Jack Dunlap

Caicos islands, 1985, Huck and Tom with Jubiter Dunlap

Caicos islands, 1985, Huck, Tom and hound

Caicos islands, 1985, Tom unmasks Jubiter Dunlap

Central African Republic, 1985, Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer

Comoren Islands, 1985, Mark Twain

Dominica, 1985, Painting the fence

Dominica, 1985, At the dentist's

Dominica, 1985, Aunt Polly's pain killer

Dominica, 1985, Walking on the fence

Dominica, 1985, Lost in the cave

Dominica, 1985, The pirate crew

Dominica, 1986, Mark Twain's portrait

Gambia, 1985, Captain

Gambia, 1985, Passangers

Gambia, 1985, Mark Twain

Gambia, 1985, Playing Card

Gambia, 1985, Passangers

German Federal Republic, 2001, Tom Swyer and Huck Finn

Great Britain. Staffa, 1982, Mark Twain

Grenada, 1985, Tom meets the prince

Grenada, 1985, The Prince and Tom interchange clothes

Grenada, 1985, The prnce goes to live at John's house

Grenada, 1985, The Prince knights Mike Hendon

Grenada, 1985, Tom dressed as a Prince

Grenada, 1985, Tom, Prince and Mike Hendon

Grenada, 2002, Mickey in The Prince and the Pauper

Grenada, 2004, Arthur as Tom Sawer

Grenada Grenadines, 1985, Dancing the hula

Grenada Grenadines, 1985, Trying to surf

Grenada Grenadines, 1985, The volcanoes

Grenada Grenadines, 1985, In a canoe

Grenada Grenadines, 1985, Sarrounded by cats

Guinea Bissau, 2010, Mark Twain

Guinea Bissau, 2010, Mark Twain

Guyana, 1999, Death of Lev Tolstoy and Mark Twain

Hungary, 1948, Mark Twain

Lesotho, 1985, Mark Twain quotes

Lesotho, 1985, Dumbo, Mark Twain quotes

Lesotho, 1985, Winnie the Pooh, Mark Twain quotes

Lesotho, 1985, Mark Twain quotes

Lesotho, 1985, Mickey on the Moon. Mark Twain quotes

Liberia, 1998, Tom Sawyer

Maldives, 1985, Winny the Pooh, words of Mark Twain

Maldives, 1985, Gepetto, words of Mark Twain

Maldives, 1985, Goofy with eggs, Mark Twain

Maldives, 1985, Donald and Goofy, Mark Twain

Maldives, 1985, Mawgli and King Louis, Mark Twain

Maldives, 1985, Wicked Queen, Mark Twain

Maldives, 1985, Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain

Mauritius, 2008, Mark Twain

Mongolia, 1987, He'd bet on anything

Mongolia, 1987, Learning frog to jump

Mongolia, 1987, What might it be that you've got in that box?

Mongolia, 1987, He got the frog out and filed him full of quail shot

Mongolia, 1987, He set the frog down and took after that feller

Paraguay, 1985, Mississippi reverboat

Paraguay, 1985, Finn

Paraguay, 1985, Tom and friends

Paraguay, 1985, Finn and Joe

Paraguay, 1985, Tom and friends, riverboat

Paraguay, 1985, Clementery

Paraguay, 1985, Finn and Saeyer

Paraguay, 1985, Raft

Redonda, 1985, Winny the Pooh, Mark Twain

Redonda, 1985, Donald's nephew

Redonda, 1985, Goofies, Mark Twain

Redonda, 1985, Mickey and Minnie

Redonda, 1985, Scientist

Rumania, 1960, Mark Twain

Rumania, 1985, Hank near Camelot

Rumania, 1985, Hank and Merlin

Rumania, 1985, Hank on horseback

Rumania, 1985, Sir Sagramoor

Rumania, 1985, Tournament of Knights

San-Marino, 2010, Mark Twain

Sierra Leone, 1985, Mark Twain, Snow White and Bashful

Sierra Leone, 1985, Mark Twain, Three Little Pigs

Sierra Leone, 1985, Mark Twain, Donald and Loui

Sierra Leone, 1985, Mark Twain, Pinocchio and Figaro

Sierra Leone, 1985, Winnie the Pooh

St. Vincent, 1991, Pauper friends

St. Vincent, 1991, Bored Prince

St. Vincent, 1991, The Valet

St. Vincent, 1991, The Prince and Tom

St. Vincent, 1991, The Prince and Tom interchange clothes

St. Vincent, 1991, How to be a Prince

St. Vincent, 1991, Food for people

St. Vincent, 1991, The Captain's plot

St. Vincent, 1991, Condemned to prison

St. Vincent, 1991, Help to escape

St. Vincent, 1991, Looking for an exit

St. Vincent, 1991, Long life to the real Prince

St. Vincent, 1991, Crowning the falshe prince

St. Vincent, 1991, Captain folding Prince

St. Vincent, 1991, Get the guard

St. Vincent, 1991, The prince arrived

Taiwan, 2005, The Prince and The Pauper

Turks & Caicos, 1985, Mark Twain riding on Halley's Comet

Turks & Caicos, 1985, Mississippi river streamer

Turks & Caicos, 1985, Mark Twain and Grimm brothers

USA, 1940, Mark Twain

USA, 1972, Illustration for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

USA, 1993, Huckleberry Finn

USA, 2011, Mark Twain

USSR, 1960, Mark Twain

Zaire / Congo, 2001, Mark TwainPossibly illegal issue

German Federal Republic, 2001.06.13, Perleberg. Tom Sawyer

USA, 1985, 150th Birth Anniv of Mark Twain


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