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Norton Mary

Norton Mary (19031992)

Mary Norton was born in London, the only girl in a family of five children. She was brought up in the Manor House in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, which later became the setting fof her most famous book, The Borrowers. She was educated at convent schools and, after a brief and unsuccessful time as a secretary, she became an actress. She was a... More...

Anguilla, 1982, Hippo

Anguilla, 1982, Leopard

Anguilla, 1982, Wild boar

Anguilla, 1982, Kangaroo

Anguilla, 1982, The King of the Animals

Anguilla, 1982, Gorilla

Anguilla, 1982, Rhinoceros

Anguilla, 1982, The Lione

Anguilla, 1982, The Elephant

Anguilla, 1982, The Elephant and the crocodile

Anguilla, 1982, Piget sweeping

Great Britain, 1998, The Borrowers

Great Britain, 1998.07.21, Leighton, Buzzard. Mary Norton


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