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Bagration () Pyotr Ivanovitch

Bagration () Pyotr Ivanovitch (17651812)

Russian General. He was an experienced senior officer by the time the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars had broken out, having learnt his trade against the Turks and Poles. Joining General Suvarov for the campaigns against Revolutionary France in Italy and Switzerland, Bagration earnt himself much praise from the old Russian warhorse, who liked... More...

Guinea, 1994, Bagration, battle of Borodino

Guinea Bissau, 2003, War gallery of Winter palace

Russia, 2004, Smolensk, 1812

USSR, 1962, Barclay de Tolly, Kutuzov and Bagration

Russia, Bagrationovsk, Kaliningrad region

USSR, Bagrationovsk, Kaliningrad region

USSR, 1990.05.14, Moskow. 225th Birth Anniv of Bagration

Russia, 1996, Matison bring letter to Bagration at Borodino

Russia, 2012, Smolensk, 1812

USSR, 1961, Bagration monument in Volkovisk

USSR, 1985, Bagration monument in Volkovisk

USSR, 1990, Panorama Borodino Battle, monument of Kutuzov

USSR, 1990, 225th Birth Anniv of Petr Bagratyion

Russia, 1995.05.06, Museum-Panorama Borodino Battle, statue of Kutuzov

USSR, 1978.01.09, Museum-Panorama Borodino Battle

USSR, 1978.12.22, Kutuzov monument in Moskow

USSR, 1982.09.23, Museum-Panorama Borodino Battle

USSR, 1986.09.24, Bagration monument in Tbilisi

USSR, 1991.06.25, Bagration monument in Tbilisi


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