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Pavel (Павел) I

Pavel (Павел) I (1754—1801)

Tsar of Russia. An absolutist ruler, Tsar Paul I was vehemently opposed to the French Revolution and was determined to do all in his power to stamp it out. Two years after becoming Tsar in 1796, Paul I became a key member of the Second Coalition when he sent sent three armies against France. Led by Field Marshal Alexander Suvarov, the Russians had good successes on the battlefields in Switzerland, North Italy and the Netherlands, but eventually saw their efforts come to nought as France recaptured all territories. Mentally unstable, Paul I was regarded as a danger to his country by powerful people within his own court - including his son Alexander - and he was murdered on 12 March 1801.

Guinea Bissau, 2012, Stamps with Russian Tsars

Russia, 1913, Pavel I

Russia, 2001, Mikhailovsky castle

Russia, 2002, Pavlovsk

Russia, 2003, Gatchina. Pavel I monument

Russia, 2004, Pavel I

Russia, 2004, Emperor Pavel I

Russia, 2004, Pavel I

S. M. O. M., 1993, Pavel I

USSR, 1986, Pavel I Monument

Russia, Pavlovsk. Palace and monument of Pavel

Russia, 2004.09.10, Moskow. Pavel I

Russia, 2004.09.10, Sankt-Petersburg. Pavel I

Russia, 2007.12.12, Pavlovsk. Monument of Pavel I

USSR, 1988.01.21., Leningrad. Mikhailovsky palace

Russia, 2003, Big Palace in Pavlovsk

Russia, 2004, Stamp with Pavel I

Russia, 2007, Mikhailovsky palace

USSR, 1957, Pavlovsk. Big Palace

USSR, 1963, The Big Palace in Pavlovsk

USSR, 1971, Mikhailovsky palace in Leningrad

USSR, 1981, The Big Palace in Pavlovsk

USSR, 1985, The Big Palace in Pavlovsk

Russia, 2007.09.10, Pavel I monument in Pavlovsk

USSR, 1969.03.05, Leningrad. Ingenerny castle

USSR, 1972.10.18, Pavlovsk. Palace

USSR, 1977, Bicentenary of Pavlovsk

USSR, 1977.01.04, Leningrad. Marsovo field

USSR, 1977.04.04, Pavlovsk. Palace

USSR, 1978.11.02, Leningrad. Marsovo field

USSR, 1979.11.28, Pavlovsk. Palace

USSR, 1979.11.28, Pavlovsk. Palace

USSR, 1985.01.03, Leningrad. Marsovo field

USSR, 1985.08.28, Leningrad. Ingenerny castle

USSR, 1986.02.18, Pavlovsk. Palace

USSR, 1986.02.18, Pavlovsk. Palace

USSR, 1986.02.21, Leningrad. Marsovo field

USSR, 1986.02.21, Pavlovsk. Monument of Pavel I

USSR, 1986.10.30, Pavlovsk. Palace


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